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Secondary School

Academic International Secondary School

Academic International Secondary School affiliated to Cambridge International Assessment Education. University of Cambridge is a Cambridge International School which offers Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge GCE AS and A level programs. The curricula have been created specifically for an international student body without any cultural bias and strive to nurture Cambridge learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. Inspired by the school motto, ‘Excellence and Commitment for a Purpose’ the school focuses to meet the global standard of education as envisioned by Cambridge International Curriculum which is recognized by universities and employers globally.

Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE offers a flexible and stimulating curriculum which helps improve performance by developing skills in creative thinking, intellectual enquiry and problem solving. Acclaimed globally as the perfect springboard to advanced study, Cambridge IGCSE encourages learners to engage with a wide range of subjects and make connections between them.  Academic International Secondary School offers the following subjects for IGCSE program:

  1. First Language English [0500]
  2. Foreign Language French [ 0520]
  3. Swahili [0262]
  4. Mathematics [0580]
  5. Computer Science [0478]
  6. Physics [0625]
  7. Chemistry[0620]
  8. Biology[0610]
  9. Geography[0460]
  10. History[0470]
  11. Accounting[0452]
  12. Economics[0455]
  13. Business Studies[0450]
Secondary School
Secondary School


Cambridge International GCE AS & A Level syllabuses 

Cambridge International GCE AS & A Level syllabuses prepare learners for university study and universities worldwide value and recognize Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications. These qualifications promotes learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills by developing in-depth subject content, independent thinking and  coherent and logical decision making. The Curriculum gives schools a platform to build an individualized curriculum and learners can choose to specialize in a particular range of subjects which accommodates their potential and goals. Schools can offer subjects in any chosen combination. Academic International Secondary School offers the following subjects for GCE AS & A Level program:

  1. English Language [9093]
  2. Literature in English [9695]
  3. Mathematics [9709]
  4. Computer Science[9618]
  5. Physics [9702]
  6. Chemistry[9701]
  7. Biology[9700]
  8. Geography [9696]
  9. History [9489]
  10. Business[9609]
  11. Economics[9708]
  12. Accounting[9706]
Secondary School
Secondary School
Secondary School